General Description
HDT-100 is a newest silicon crystal growing puller specially designed for growing 6'"- 8" silicon mono crystals by the Czochralski method.Depending on the different sizes of hot zone assemblies for this puller, silicon crystals can be grown with a diameter up to 230 mm

Both mechanical components and electrical control system are designed according to the specification for growing silicon monocrystals of semiconductor class. It's ideal for growing high quality single crystal silicon ingots for solar cell

The design of this equipment is to accommodate a hot zone for quartz crucible with a diameter of 18” as a standard configuration, and the biggest hot zone for 20" crucible is also allowed to fit on it. If equipped with the optional feeder, the Max. charge load could reach 100 kg. 
Specifications: Key technical data for reference:

Crystal Travel
Valve Open about 3,530 mm
Valve Close about 2,300 mm

Crystal Diameter
Standard 154 mm(6″)—205 mm(8″)
Max. 230 mm(9″)

Crystal Weight Max. 100 kg

Material Feed (without feeder)
18″ standard 60kg
20″ crucible standard 80kg 

Heating power Max. 180kw

Total Machine Height
(Chamber Closed) approx. 7090mm
(Chamber Opened) approx. 7,350mm
Advantages: Mechanical design features

1. Stable frame structure, enhance the anti-vibration features during crystal growing process.

2. High performance vibration-free motor system and the low noise gear system for crystal and crucible lifting, gives stable movement during low speed growing.

3. The fast moving system enables fast and easy positioning of the crystal and crucible

4. Absolute encoder for measuring and positioning of the crystal and crucible, guarantee the precision for long term run.

5. Enhanced and simplized crystal lifting system. With the high performance cable lifting the crystal, guarantee the stable growing speed under 100 Kg loads.

6. Special designed seed chuck, prolong the life time and is easily for exchanging the cable.

7. Dual precision rolling guide lines designed for the crucible lift gives stable load capacity and meanwhile high precision of the moving speed.

8. The rotations are sealed with ferro-fluid, specially optimized structure design guarantee the life time of the system.

9. Inner wall is fine polished, and the specially designed filtering system guarantees the purity during the crystal growing process.

10.The heating zone cleanness is optimized by the vacuum condition and the controllable inert gas flowing under vacuum condition the silicon oxide can be exhausted without contamination of the crystal and crystal driving system.

11. Extended receiving chamber guarantee the crystal growing even under the Max. charge load.

12. The receiving chamber with isolation valve enables to take out the grown crystal while the heating zone is still kept under working temperature. The flap valve guarantees reliable isolation.

13. The hydraulic lifting system can lift the receiving chamber, top chamber and furnace chamber respectively and can swivel to the side, easy to take out the crystal and clean the chamber.

14.View port is fitted with gold coated glass; avoid the potential unsafe condition from the water cooled glass.

15.High quality control valve and measuring sensors, guarantee the precision of the measurement and long term stability.

16. Pressure safety sensor for the chamber guarantees the safety of the system.

17.Fast fitting cooling water connector, tight and easy for maintenance

18. Key water cooled components are equipped with flow switch , ensure the safety of the system

2. Control system design features
1)HDT-100 adopts the full automatic control system, PLC and IPC configuration guarantee the reliability and long stability of the system.

2) Full control of the key parameters e.g. growing speed, gas flow, furnace pressure etc., enable to grow the high quality crystal.

3)PLC control the whole crystal growing process, incl. evacuation, leak detection with pressure rising method, melting, necking, shouldering ,body growing, end cone, taking out the crystal and shut down of the power etc.

4) Dialogue between operator and the control system can be done via the visualization display on the touch panel of PC. The PC is connected with PLC via Ethernet.

5) The compiled codes of PLC program is stored in a flash memory card (EPROM) to prevent from data loses when power failures.

6) Monitoring all the necessary process parameters during crystal growing (pressure, gas flow, water temperature, heater’s resistance, heating power etc.)

7) CCD camera system with image processing system.

8)Three control modes: Automatic Mode, Semi-Automatic Mode and Manual Mode

9)In case of a system error occurs an alarm will be displayed on the screen. The error message describes the type, the location, and the time of error in clear sentence.

10) Individual process steps can be input by simple dialogue boxes. Change of parameters and settings can also be carried out while a process is running.

11) A recipe contains all necessary parameters for an automatic process. An unlimited amount of recipes can be stored on the PC hard disk, floppy disks or an optional Local Area Network (LAN) and loaded before the process start.

12) Different system functions can be garneted to different user accounts and passwords with different access levels, guarantee the stability and safety of the process.

13) The visualization software provides graphic trending display of all essential process values. Operator can choose what to be displayed on the screen.

14) All essential process values can be stores in the hard disk of the PC. All of data in the database is in “CSV” format in order to be handled later. The time interval is selectable.

15) Pages for monitoring the status of the input/output boards of the PLC are available for maintenance purposes.

16) High performance complete slip ring, has 30,000.00 hours life time under low noise data and power transmission condition

17) High performance of the melting surface temperature pyrometer and the heater temperature control pyrometer, guarantee the measuring accuracy and the long term stability.

18)Automatic checking the seed touch the melting function. Guarantee the automatic control function.

19) The specially designed crystal growing speed driving system ensures the high precision, long term stability and Min. maintenance time.

20) The heating system is powered controlled, the control precision and the matching capability with the load is enhanced.

21)The heating power is designed for 20″hot zone. Customer can easily upgrade or exchange the heating system.

22) Heating power has complete failure monitoring function; it gives safety protection during malfunction.

23) All the monitoring and controlling parts are high quality imported parts, ensures the long term stability of the system running.

24) A single phrase AC 220V, UPS power supply (option) can serve for PC, touch panel, PLC, camera, crystal and crucible drives and the 24V, DC control voltage for a certain short time.

25) The mechanical design complies with the mechanical design standard and safety standard of People’s Republic of China, the electrical designs complies with VDE standard.