Since glass material in high power laser system is damaged as a consequence of self-focusing,low non-linear refractive index as well as high Verdet constant are important factors for Magnetic Optical Glass.Our world-leading Magnetic Optical Glass with very high Verdet factor,we supply MR3-2 and MR4 with the shape or size of your choice for very large plates/disks/rods from diameter 1.00 mm to 300 mm are available 

Application:The MR3-2 and MR4 glass mainly used in faraday rotating components,fabricating optics-isolators,faraday rotators,circulators,magneto-optical modulators,optical switchs,interleavers,laser gyroscopes,goniometric devices magneto-optic storage and optical information process system,current measuring transducers for magnetic field measuring and high-voltage transmission line,new generation current sensors,wave guides, iatrology,spaceflight control,satellite survey and other functional devices

Advantages: The MR3-2 and MR4 glass is made with more advanced technologies,so is performance stabilization,sensitive and inherently immune to interfere.In comparison with artificial crystal,it is inexpensive and easy to get big size block,it has been made into different types of optical fibers,so it's widely used in many fields 

* MR3-2 and MR4 with highest Verdet constant
  Type MR3-2, Verdet constant: -0.33 min/Oe-cm or -96 rad/T*m at 632.8 nm
Type MR4,    Verdet constant: -0.38 min/Oe-cm or -110 rad/T*m at 632.8 nm

* Excellent homogeneity
* Very small stress birefraction
* High damage threshold
* Broad wavelength range
* Better transparency properties
* Lower nonlinear refractive index
* Lower absorption coeffcient
* Lower cost
* Large dimension available

Type MR3-2 Paramagnetism Faraday Rotator Glass

Paramagnetism Faraday Rotator Glass.
Type MR3-2 Glass Specification

The Properties of MR3-2 Faraday Rotator Glass at 20 ℃ temperature
Verdet Constant: -0.33min/Oe*cm or -96rad/T*m at 632.8 nm
Verdet Constant: -0.11 min/Oe*cm or -31.4 rad/T*m at 1064 nm

Transmission window:400nm-1600nm

Refractive indices
ND(Wavelength 589.3 nm) =1.7441
Nd(Wavelength  587.6 nm) =1.7442
NF(Wavelength  486.1 nm) =1.7544
Nc(Wavelength  656.3 nm) =1.7400
N  (Wavelength  1064  nm) =1.7178

Optical Quality(△n) /cm < 1x10*-6

Abbe number:

Nonlinear refrective index n2 (x10*-13 e.s.u.)=2.74

Figure of merit V632.8 (nd/n2)=0.62

Density (g/cm*3):4.95

Transformation temperature Tg: 790℃

Sag temperature Ts: 825℃

Coeff.of linear thermal expansion:
0 - 300℃ (10*-7/℃)=62.6
100 - 300℃ (10*-7/℃)=68.2

Transparence rate T% ≥ 86% (Uncoated)
Transparence rate T% ≥ 99% (Coated)

Absorption coefficients < 0.001/cm at 1064nm.

Thermal conductivity=48.10/ ℃(0-100 ℃)

dv/dt=0.0016(0-40 ℃)

Bulk laser damage threshold > 25 (Joules/cm*2) 10 ns pulse width at 1064 nm

Chemical properties (Wt 10ss%)
DW (H2O, 100℃,1 hour )=0.001
DA (0.01N-HNO3,100℃,1 hour)=0.215

Type MR4 Paramagnetism Faraday Rotator Glass

Paramagnetism Faraday Rotator Glass
Type MR4 Glass Specification
Verdet constant=-0.38 min/Oe*cm at 632.8 nm,t=20 ℃
Verdet constant=-0.118 min/Oe*cm at 1064 nm,t=20 ℃

Refractive indices
ND(Wavelength 589.3 nm) =1.7552
Nd(Wavelength  587.6 nm) =1.7554
NF(Wavelength  486.1 nm) =1.7659
Nc(Wavelength  656.3 nm) =1.7508

Abbe number

Non-linear index n2 (10*-13 e.s.u.) : 2.95

Density (g/cm3):5.12

Transparence rate of glass material T% ≥  86% (No coating)

In general,the MR4 Faraday Rotator Glass meeting the following specification
1.Absorption coefficient at 1064nm < 0.002/cm.
2.Maximum inclusion size < 0.040mm
3.Maximum total inclusion cross section < 0.08 mm*2 per 100 cm3
4.Core or striae:None visible
5.Two end sides:fine polished 
6.Fine grind body
7.Bulk laser damage threshold > 20J/ nsec. pulse at 1064nm) 
8.Transparence rate T% ≥ 98%(Coated)

Type MR4 Faraday Rotator Glass  available exclusively from XAOT 


Type MR1 Diamagnetic Faraday Rotator Glass
Type MR1 Diamagnetic Faraday Rotator Glass

Verdet constant=0.072-0.093min/ at 632.8nm 

Dispersive coefficient=21.26

Strain Birefringence <= 2 nm/cm at 632.8nm

In general,the Faraday Rotator Glass meeting the following specification
1.Maximum inclusion size <0.040mm
2.Maximum total inclusion cross section <0.04 mm2 per 100 cm3.
3.Two end sides:fine polished
4.Bulk laser damage threshold > 1GW/ nsec. pulse at 1064nm)

Advantages: Diamagnetic Faraday Rotator Glasses has a very important property which is independent of temperature and widely used in Magnet Optic Current Transform(MOCT) and many kinds of polarimeters and instruments with higher sensitivity and stability

In Stock
MR1 diamagnetic faraday rotator rod with the following characteristics
1. Diameter: 4.40+/-0.05mm
2. Length: 17.50+/-0.05mm
3. Flatness of the two faces: Less than lambda/8 wavelength at 632.8 nm  in the 90% central area
4. Surface quality of the two faces:10-5 scratch/dig per standard of MIL-0-13830A,USA
5. Two faces parallelism: Less than 5 seconds
6. Edge chamfer: 0.1mm x 45+/-5 degree
7. Fine grind body of rod
8. Stress birefringence(extinction ratio): > 45 dB (By special annealed)
9. Coating: Anti-reflective (AR) coating ( transparence): > 99% in wavelength of
620-690 nm
10. Coating curve attached