General terms and conditions for purchase of goods or services

- Please keep in mind that XAOT manufactures custom optical elements,when placing orders or request for quotation,please supply us your detail requirements on specification, drawing and parameter by e-mail or fax. 

For example,
1.Dimensions with tolerances
2.Surface quality(Scratch/dig)
5.Clear aperture
If product needs to be coated, please be sure to specify
9.Any other relevant details possibly detailed description of the elements

- All prices are in US Dollars FOB Xi'an, China, unless specified otherwise

- We have the obligation to check packing and guarantee that the product won't be blemished by packing, but won't answer for the damage incurred in transportation

- For large order, preferential price may be applied

- Delivery time is 30 to 60 days since ordered except for specified otherwise

- Product will be sent by international express/FedEx or UPS or other means specified by buyer

- The warranty is 6 months

- All international orders should be prepaid through wire transfer, and the bank charges at customer's expense

- Dissidence on quality or quantity should be put forward within thirty (30) days after delivery to the Buyer, overdue allegation won't be accepted